Why Make It GF?

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Lori Cornett, Owner
I grew up making pizzas every Friday night with my mother. It was the one meal each week we kids could help make. She would make the dough, but then we would spread the pizzas out and top them. I continued this tradition with my own children. In 2012, it became necessary for me to avoid gluten for health reasons, but I still wanted to make homemade pizzas. Quickly realizing that the gluten free pizza options available then and now bore no resemblance to the pizza I grew up making, I decided to see if I could do better.

I began with a few basic requirements: Pizza dough does not contain eggs or dairy. Pizza dough should be stretched by hand or rolled to the desired thickness, then topped with sauce, cheese and toppings and baked in a hot oven, preferably on a hot pizza stone or steel. Par-baking (partial baking) before topping should not be necessary— though of course you can do it that way if you want. The finished pizza crust should be golden brown and should allow for the slices to be eaten by hand. Of course, the crust should also be delicious.

Make It GF’s pizza dough meets all those criteria. We have taste tested our doughs not only with people eating gluten free diets, but also those who still eat wheat dough pizzas. Make It GF’s pizza doughs have an unrivaled similarity in taste and texture to classic wheat-based foods.

Gluten Free and Grain Free

When we first started, the GF in our name stood for "gluten free." However, GF has now come to mean grain free as well.

When we first opened, we did not realize that for some conditions, merely going gluten free is enough, they must also avoid grains. Rice of course is a grain, and rice flour is a standard ingredient in many gluten free products, including our original versions.

At Make it GF, we want to serve the the most customers possible, so we decided to see if removing the grain (rice) from our products would leave us with the same great taste and texture. To our surprise and joy, removing the rice actually improved the texture of some products. The taste was great in all cases.

Please note, that the certified gluten free baking powder we use in our flour tortillas has cornstarch as a filler ingredient. Hence our tortillas are listed as rice free, rather than grain free.

Mission Statement

Make gluten free products with an unrivaled similarity in taste and texture to classic wheat based foods.

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