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Pizza Dough
Sold in one pound balls (454 g). Can be formed into one or two pies, depending on how large and how thick you like your crust. Shop online here.

Click here for nutrition facts and more details.
Parbaked Pizza Crust
Homemade pizza is best, and our parbaked (partially baked) crusts make having homemade pizza super easy. Parbaked crusts are available as 12" rounds. Shop online here.

These crusts are briefly baked to make them easier to handle. Simply remove from the package and place on a pan, a screen or a pizza peel and top as desired.

Click here for nutrition facts and more details.
We offer two flavors of flatbread: garlic oregano and plain.

Our plain flatbreads is made with our pizza dough and is the fastest way to get a pizza on the dinner table. Fully, cooked, you just need to top it and warm it up.

Our garlic oregano flat bread was inspired by fresh Italian flavors and also makes an excellent pizza crust or panini.

Made in a dedicated gluten free bakeshop. Click here for nutrition facts and to learn more about our flatbreads, or shop online here..
Breadsticks are perfect as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to soup or pasta. We currently offer two flavors of breadsticks, rosemary and garlic-oregano. Shop online here.

Made in a dedicated gluten free bakeshop. Click here for nutrition facts and more about our breadsticks.
English Muffins
English Muffins are a tasty part of breakfast, whether as the base for Eggs Benedict or just toasted on the side. They also make great sandwich or burger buns.

Click here to learn the nutrition facts for our English Muffins.

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Sandwich Rolls
Inspired by ciabatta bread, these buns make the perfect burger or sandwich. These buns will not become mushy or fall apart, so go ahead and pile on the fixings and sauces! These buns also toast well, but toasted or not they are a tasty addition to any meal.

Click here to learn the nutrition facts.

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Pasta Shapes
All pastas come in a tamper-evident plastic box. The boxes are filled by weight, and different shapes allow for different weights in the box. The pasta is priced at $6/lb.

All of our pastas are based on the same basic pasta dough. We currently five different pasta shapes: rigatoni, macaroni, fusilli, tagliatelle, and spaghetti.

Our pastas are produced in a dedicated gluten free bakeshop with certified gluten free and non-GMO ingredients.

Our pastas are fresh, and can be found in our refrigerator merchandiser. They can be frozen for longer shelf life. In the refrigerator they should be used within 2 weeks. They do not need to be thawed before cooking. Click here to learn more. Shop online here.
Raviolis are pasta, of course, but our are so good they deserve their own page. Our cheese raviolis are so tasty that they have been served at events, not as the "gluten free option" but as THE option for those that wanted raviolis. Click here to learn more about our ravioli. Shop online here.
Craving pierogi? We've got them! We have currently have three standard flavors: potato cheddar, potato cabbage and plain potato, but we always have additional flavors on hand

Click here to learn the nutrition facts.

If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island we can now ship pierogi directly to you!

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Pasta Wrappers
Make your own pot stickers, raviolis or pierogi with our gluten free dumpling or wanton wrappers. Dumpling wrappers are 4" rounds, wonton wrappers are 4" squares. Shop online here.

Dumpling wrappers are what we use when we make pierogi. Simply wet the edges with water and press to seal around the tablespoon of filling.

Click on the image to learn the nutrition facts and more about our wrappers, or click here.
Pita Chips
Pita ships are a great snack and perfect with hummus. These chips are hardy and would make an awesome tortilla substitute too.

Click here to learn more about our pita chips. Shop online here.
Our stuffing is based on a classic English recipe with dried onions and celery along with parsley, marjoram, savory, thyme and oregano. Shop online here.

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