Due to the eclipse (because we are traveling to see the totality) there will be a slight delay in shipping any orders. Shipment will be on Wednesday of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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Our experiment with a Saturday morning pickup in Bloomfield was a success, so we are continuing it.

Due to landlord restrictions, we can only offer pickup on Saturday, and only between 10 AM and noon. April 13th, you can order online here.

All payment is online, the option is for pickup only. Thank you for your patience and all your support. Updates will appear here as we continue to add to our site and the store.
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The Make It GF store is live! It took much longer than we hoped to get started, and not everything is available just yet, but it's coming!

If you are attending the Wicked Gluten Free Expo on May 5th in Nassau Long Island you can pre-order pierogi, dumpling wrappers, and wonton wrappers here. Pre-order to ensure you get the pierogi that you want. These are the products we tend to sell out of, so we're offering them for pre-order.

At the expo, you will need to come to our booth to pickup your prepaid order. Of course, you can buy other products then if you'd like, but the pierogi or wrappers will be guaranteed and paid for.

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