National Calzone Day!

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Friday November 1, 2019 is National Calzone day, and Make It GF will be celebrating all weekend. Come by our shop in Canton and get a pre-made, individualized calzone ready to be warmed and eaten.

Or pick up a pizza dough ball to make your own!
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Not just any gluten free pizza dough can be used to make a calzone— you need a dough that is easy to work with and roll out to a thin round, but still be resilient enough to be folded, crimped and then moved to a baking tray.

Make It GF's pizza dough is THE best dough on the market. Easy to form, whether with a rolling pin (as was done in the image to the right) or to pat and stretch it by hand.
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Once you have your round, it's time to layer on your fillings. In this case, we start with a round of provolone cheese, add a piece of prosciutto, two more pieces of provolone, three slices of lunch meat: Genoa salami, pepperoni, and hard salami. Then two more pieces of provolone and were ready to roll up our filling.
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The layers of meat and cheese are rolled to to create a square and then centered in the lower half of the dough round and topped with one last piece of cheese (that makes six slices of cheese for those keeping count).
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The dough is folded over— and this is where having a good, flexible and resilient dough is critical. You can't do this with dough that have to supported because they're so soft and wet, nor can you do it with a parbaked crust.

Before crimping we trim the excess dough to create the perfect bread/meat and cheese ratio.
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And here is the calzone trimmed, crimped, and ready for the oven. Two little vents are cut into the top to allow steam to vent.
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Each ball of dough makes 4 individual sized calzones— the perfect size for lunch or a light dinner.

Currently we only offer a traditional calzone with meat and cheese, but we are working to find the right vegetarian and vegan recipes.

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